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NZ Avocado Growers Association & Industry Council: Secure Online Tools

Welcome to the NZ Avocado Growers & Association (AGA) & Industry Council's (AIC) secure online tools section of our website.

The AIC has a comprehensive industry database managing information about orchards, Growers, crop estimation and flow, production, registrations etc.

As part of the AIC's strategic goal to streamline paper processes into electronic format, and to make the process timely, efficient and less labour intensive, annual export registrations are now online. This secure area is intended for Growers, Packers and Exporters only and access to the tools requires authentication with a login and password.

If you are a Grower, a Packer or an Exporter and do not have your access details, please contact the AIC by phone 07 571 6147 or by email .

At present this area is available for Grower, Packer & Exporter annual export registrations, and for Packer & Exporter weekly monitoring.

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